Last week was really productive and it seems like a few themes for my installation/exhibition are starting to take shape. Had a good meeting with Victor Palacios a curator currently associated with the department of visual arts at Casa Del Lago and Lorenzo Rocha of Oficina de Arte, both offered interesting insight on my ideas and process.

I was also able to speak with Carla Herrera Prats, Ricardo Alzati of SOMA and Adam Gildar of Artplant who were very helpful as well. Next week I am scheduled to meet with Jota Izquierdo at his studio because he has worked with some of the same themes that I am noticing and interested in commenting on. I can’t stress how amazing it is to speak with other art professionals who have more experience in the culture which I am visiting.

These conversations have been fairly informal though I am learning alot through the process. Themes that are emerging have to do with labor and formal and informal economies and I am hoping to produce a series of sculptures that reference these concepts much in the way a documentary photography exhibition would.

More soon