Our Mission

ArtPlant cultivates emerging creativity, striving to provide opportunities for the production, exhibition and dialog about art on the rise.



In the fall of 2013 ArtPlant launched its residency program – the first of its kind in Colorado. Each year, the program invites three artists on the rise from outside of the state to realize a project of their choosing while living and working in Denver amongst its growing creative community. A flexible one to three month residency, ArtPlant's  program is 'artist first' and is catered to the individual needs of each artist and project. Denver's geographic location offers artists space to experiment away from the pressures of the major markets, while providing the material access of an urban environment and affordable proximity to both coasts. Through strategic partnerships with other local organizations ArtPlant is able to assist its residents in acquiring the resources and expertise necessary to complete their work of art, while promoting collaboration within the city.

One of the major goals of the ArtPlant residency is to promote cultural exchange. During their stay, residents are provided housing and a studio amidst local artists in an effort to build lasting connections between these artists of note in the larger art world and Denver’s art community. Additionally, throughout each residency ArtPlant engages our residents with the local students, working artists and the larger community through lectures and critiques at universities, museums and community arts organizations. This model of interaction plants a seed that aims to bring more attention to Denver's burgeoning creative community, while giving resident artists an opportunity to utilize Colorado's frontier atmosphere to explore new territory in their individual practice.