Herbert Bayer, Articulated Wall, 1968, Mexico City, Ruta de la Amistad, Olympic games.

Herbert Bayer, Articulated Wall, 1985, Denver, Colorado, Denver Design District.

1968 design plans for Mexico D.F Articulated Wall. / “Skin” of Denver´s Articulated Wall 1985

State like church; providing eternity to their “heroes”

Bikini Wax is an artist run space; it was born in 2011 in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico. In 2013 Bikini Wax moves to Mexico City, Daniel Aguilar, Cristobal Gracia, Ramon Izaguirre and Rodrigo Garcia are the directors and the team in charge of this magnificent independent space. Since 2013 Bikini Wax has held almost 40 exhibitions, one of the main characteristics of Bikini Wax is its residential condition, since people live in the house, bringing certain limitations and characteristics very interesting for the artists to deal with.


Since 2014 Bikini Wax started to diversify the program of activities, this means that it stopped being just a place for exhibitions to become a platform for production, exhibition and discussion of contemporary artistic practices. Activities such as TEP (Taller de Exposiciones Potenciales, Potential Exhibition Workshop), public talks and round tables are a clear example of this.