Yesterday was an enlightening day. Hhhmmm…. I had my first discussion with the curators last night, which was challenging… probably the most difficult part of this process. Of course, it is a good thing! However, I think that perhaps it all became—for me–more compounded along with other challenges in my life at the moment, in addition to this complete transformation of place. Again, all good things in their own way, but difficult to fully explain. I believe that with this experience will come many instances of alteration.

I spent some time at the studio, to settle in a bit and see how it feels to produce “something” there. It is a unique space, which is run by Lorenzo Rocha through

There are 11 work spaces for artists, and are rented by a competitive selection process, with two studios offered free to the top artists selected. The office invites guest curators, artists and cultural managers who monthly enrich the work of resident artists.

Lorenzo was kind enough to walk me around a bit in the area to help me purchase a few items. The surrounding near neighborhood is overwhelming, with loads of small warehouse stores… stacks upon stacks of colorful goods everywhere… different sounds and smells every few feet—everything everywhere.

And then upon walking, the place begins to transform into the historic district, and there you come across a fragment of an Aztec structure built right into a contemporary one. And then you continue to walk, and there is a Baroque façade, and then this greenery… all elements that strike me quite significantly.

Back at the studio, I started to make a mess, and then I thought about adding this other mess, and then after last night’s discussion, it has now become this third mess.

Shall I try and organize it? Compartmentalize it? Stack it? Label it? Box it up and offer it to the gods? Send some people in to direct you what to do with it? Make a guide book for it? We’ll have to see…


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