1. Articulated Wall, Mexico City, this photo must be around the mid 80s early 90s, I suppose because of the early stage of the graffiti, the urban development and the buildings surroundings the sculpture, the actual surroundings are different, much more crowded, maybe the only remaining building of that time is a Party saloon for quinceañeras at the right side of the sculpture (it doesn’t appear in the photo).

2-3. (A-top)

July 19th, 1985

Letter from M. Goertiz to Herbert Bayer

 “Though it was the best and the internationally must praised piece of the whole program among the 19 works of the sculptors from countries of the five continents – in spite of that several constructions were built near the sculpture, so that it has been visually spoiled, because its lower part is now hidden behind this constructions….”


 Letter from Herbert Bayer´s wife to M. Goeritz.

 Other side of the letters.



4. 1968, H. Bayer notes on the Route on Friendship.

Among the several aspects of Bayer´s work that are worth mentioning is his notion of site specific works before this term was applied to several works of art during the next years.

5. Construction of the Articulated Wall in Denver, CO.

6. Publicity poster made by Herbert Bayer during the Second World War, while he was already living in the EU.

7. Letter and drawing from Walter Gropius to H. Bayer.


I would like to thank the Denver Art Museum's Herbert Bayer collection and archive for their great attention and awesome material.