My first week was filled with heavy logistics and getting to know the city and the artistic community in Denver. I first went to visit the McNichols building, where the exhibition will happen. The exhibition space is strange and challenging, right in the center of the city. All around the city you see constructions sites all over. Denver is among the fastest growing cities in the country, and you can really feel this. With Adam Gildar and Carla Herrera-Prats, the curators of the program we discussed ideas in relation to this current state of the city. 

After settling into my studio I took a trip with Adam to the Great Sand Dunes of Colorado, as part of the research for my project. This is an amazing site in the San Luis Valley. It was a windy day and we could see how the dunes were being shaped by the wind. The sand hitting you in the face was almost painful. I find a very unstable reality in this place, with a ground that is never flat or solid, which in very interesting to me. The apparent lack of content and the possibility of distance are aspects that I also find appealing for the project. The rest of the week was devoted to printing images and starting to develop ideas as I get ready for the final project proposal.