New perspectives in sculpture;

Lately public sculpture has been challenged to its limits, the foundations of public sculpture have been questioned and distrusted not to deny it but to expand it, we can say with a great confidence that space is the main domain of sculpture, then the basic aspects of it start to arise, its weight, geographical disposition, staticness, solidity and the passing of time in relation to its historical/artistic value, but since the great achievement in science, the discovery of the dissolvement and acceleration of solid particles in space wormholes, a group of artists started to apply this knowledge outside of science and into art.

This explains why the new perspectives in sculpture lie in technologies such as teletransportation and time traveling. After certain artists noticed that at the moment of teletransporting a sculpture certain fragments of it would not appear in the other side the quest for finding these missing fragments started. The result was finding these missing particles floating in the wormhole during the dissolvement and traveling of the structure, after taking these small fragments and cloning the chemical composition that had been potentialized during the teletransporation the era of cloning art started. It is not making a copy or a replica in the traditional sense of the word, it wasn't making a series of a piece of art but reproducing the exact same artwork, same conditions of the material and exact same chemical structure, since cloning has been used in the production of artworks the art market has crashed and almost disappeared since now it is possible to have the same original work of art reproduced thousands of times, now it is possible to acquire the same Gioconda of Da Vinci displayed in The Louvre for just 20 euros at any souvenir gift shop in Paris. Several galleries and art dealers along with right-wing religious groups are complaining and demanding that cloning be forbidden while a new group of artists recognize these options as a new way to understand cultural value, ways of production and distribution in art.