A second trip to the San Luis Valley revealed different landscapes and details that have continued to inspire the work.

We stumbled into a collection of old shoes left on posts at the side of a country road. They became shoes to walk in the sky. 

An abandoned drive-in movie theater called the Frontier in Center, CO.  It´s kind of ironic the idea of the frontier at the center. The texture of the screen has become a very subtle and interesting pattern, and the whole screen stands incoherently as an obstruction in the land.  

We paid a visit to ¨the Range¨, an artist space project by artists Adrienne Carbini and Alex Decarli. This is in Saguache, another town in the valley. They recently opened an exhibition called The Ramble. The show and the exhibition space is really amazing. It´s very interesting to see such a good show in this small town.

We also visited the Alien Watchtower, a very bizarre space with a garden made out of objects that people started to add. From there you can see the Dunes in the distance.

Another interesting site was the San Luis Lake, near the Great Sand Dunes. The Lake has been dry for some years now, and while walking there you can find fish bones  and other strange fragments. As you continue walking into what seems to have been the center of the lake, it becomes increasingly muddy and difficult to continue walking in.