Ideas are starting to take shape and I’ve begun the process of getting forms and materials into the studio. Poured a few tests on Friday. Right now I’m feeling inspired by labor, balance, layering, and color.

Getting to know my host and housemates. Enrique Macias my host, a photographer, currently preparing for Zona Maco. His work is well thought out and executed and he is one of the most friendly people I have met since arriving in Mexico City. Sara is an actress from Barcelona in Mexico for a month now after spending time in LA. She is working on creating an acting workshop and in talks with a few local production companies about hosting it. Alsi Cavusoglu just arrived from NY last week. She is an artist from Istanbul who is preparing work for exhibition with New Museum as part of their triennial

We all have very different processes but it is inspiring to share time and space with a group of people dedicated to living creative lives. Plan to get into production this coming week and have a studio visit scheduled with a curator from Museo de Arte Modernoas well as a skype call with curator Carla Herrera Pratts of SOMA