I arrived back in the studio this morning with some refreshed energy—just what I needed! I was able to push the paint around quickly and get into the process. Time away truly helps.

There is something to be said about being forced to (or rather forcing yourself to) paint so much that you can’t really even think. You just do. I admit to being a complete cynic regarding automatism (or maybe its just something about that word?). 

However, I don’t view this as automatism. It’s not random marks. It is the recording of an image… an impression which passed by my eyes in a rather quick, misguided and misunderstood way. That is what I am documenting–my own confusion, I suppose….this feeble attempt to make sense of things that rather often defy me.

I took an inventory of the paintings that I have completed and the canvases yet to have marks on and now seem to have a plan for completing these 290 pieces and getting them off on their way to Denver.

I also has another chat with Carla and Adam, who asked me whether I miss doing my other paintings…. Hhhmmm…. That’s a tough question. They are very different. They were wondering if I would be happy to go back to them; however, I can’t at this point even imagine doing that. This experience is changing a lot for me. Certainly I could never go back to the way things were… and not only creatively, but with certain life circumstances as well. It is all an epic trip. It’s hard to say where I might end up.